We all are recovering from a very difficult time. Every business is getting organised to give emotions and new products to their customers again. Our company has decided to take a break and make a few rearrangements to be able to make incredible and innovative products again.
Given this difficult period, we thought we would offer you, who love the Saragiunti world, the possibility of accessing all of the history of Saragiunti and therefore all of our historical products which are no longer available for sale, at a special price, just for you.

Through the Newsletter we will update you on new promotions and time-limited occasions.

All the products you will find listed are the Best sellers of our historical collections, unique pieces and ‘older’ pieces that we kept stored in a “wardrobe for special occasions”.

Each piece is being sold at a special price just for you who can capture their essence, specialty and extraordinary particularity.

We want to start over from the value and willingness to find a way of doing fashion differently and lastingly, something that very often pre-Covid stopped us from doing.

A look into the past does not necessarily mean going backwards, it rather means learning to know a story starting from its origins.