Designer Creativa


Designer Creativa

SARA GIUNTI is a brand of bags and accessories inspired by the world of technology and functionality without forgetting however aesthetics and design

The brand was founded in 2012 and was born from an idea of Sara Giunti: the young designer and entrepreneur has developed since she was a child a strong attitude towards creativity and, together, inventiveness.

Passionate about art and design, in 2011 Sara Giunti graduated in Fashion Design at Ied in Rome. Shortly after completing her studies she decided to launch a collection of products that combine aesthetics and technology in a chic and functional way.

The young girl's creative and entrepreneurial talent has not gone unnoticed: in November 2013, in fact, Sara received the "Ambassador of Entrepreneurial Values Award" within the Ardesis Festival European Enterprise Day sponsored by the European Commission and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Thanks to the collaboration with a team of technicians and engineers, the brand was born. The basic idea was to create a high quality product, with an iconic and timeless design at the same time, able to meet the needs of a contemporary female audience. The ideal client of the brand SARAGIUNTI is an active woman, a professional who works, loves to travel, is attentive to her style, but prefers functional accessories.

SARAGIUNTI is a brand of extremely functional bags that stands out for the use of contemporary shapes and innovative design. Geometric lines and shapes that are found not only in the structure of the bags but also in the refined and personalized details.

Nothing is left to chance and the great care and attention to every single detail can be discovered in every Collection. The same attention is applied to the choice of materials: clean and simple leathers are mixed with very modern fabrics, characterized by a high level of research and technological content.

The source of inspiration is the oriental world that brings to the collections an atmosphere of strong colours, evocative flavours, lines and traits reminiscent of origami. The DNA of the brand SARAGIUNTI and the logo designed, reconfirms the absolute preference for Geometry.

Three triangles join together to create the logo: functionality, design, aesthetic and technological research.

These three triangles together create an origami that encloses the design of a kimono that the designer takes inspiration from to define and tell her projects.

A bag designed almost as if it were a woman: handles with specially designed bracelets with geometric shapes, details and accessories that embellish the lines and shapes.

The company, based in Rome, today has 11 employees, all under 35 years of age. Sara Giunti is the head of the style office and works in full and continuous synergy both with the team that deals with technological implementations and with the one dedicated to production.

SARAGIUNTI relies on two artisan in the province of Varese, specialized companies that guarantee the utmost care of the product.

Currently the SARAGIUNTI collection is distributed through a network of 30 high-end multi-brand stores in Italy and Europe. The brand's reference point is Europe - and in particular France, Belgium, UK, Spain and Germany - but there is a lot of attention to Japan and the United States, two markets with high potential for an elegant, luxurious and hi tech product at the same time. Eyes are also on China, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates.

“The SARAGIUNTI bags are equipped with a special patented mechanism that, thanks to a sensor, the movement of the zip triggers the lighting of LED lights that illuminate the inside of the bag.”

“The battery, which powers two LED strips inside, can also be used to recharge smartphones and electronic devices via a cable to be connected to the USB port.”


bold makeup, clear ideas and art in her veins

Sara Giunti, a young designer from Rome, breathes every aesthetic form since childhood and exhales creativity.

So after a diploma in Fashion Design at the IED (European Institute of Design) in Rome, she realized her research of a minimal, innovative and functional fashion.

In 2012 was born L’Ed Emotion Design, a line of accessories that combines fashion and design, now known as the Italian brand SARAGIUNTI.